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As an opening offer we have free freight for all orders above 2000 SEK. If you order from outside of EU you will be responsible for all taxes and customs.


SSO2 sensor and M28 protective cover now available

We are now ready to begin shipping our amazing Solid State O2 sensor. The 6011-064 package will consist of a SSO2 sensor, a CPOD and a Connecting cable. If you are a Poseidon rebreather user you might need to buy the 6011-059 T-coupling as well, to attach the package to your hoses.

We now also have a M28 protective cover. A nice addition to protect your M28 from damage.

Both are available for order now.

M28 and RB Configuration software has been updated

Version 2.00 of the M28 Firmware, version 1.42 of the SE7EN firmware and 1.16 of the RB configuration tool for M28 and SE7EN has been updated and it contains some major updates and fixes

The latest firmware version used in the M28 unit is now 2.18.

RbConfig v2.00

M28 Firmware v2.00

  1. Font size changes - As we have received comments that it in some cases is difficult to read the textand numbers on the M28 display, we have increased the font size and made numbers bolder.
  2. Set-point editing: - With an M28 connected to a SE7EN it was possible to set the low set point to a higher value than the high set-point and vice versa. This is no longer possible.
  3. Hypoxic Diluent: - When using a Diluent gas with 20% Oxygen or lower, a warning appeared on thescreen of the M28 computer. This has now been changed so that the warning only appears if the fraction of oxygen in the Diluent gas is 16% or lower and if the mouthpiece is in Open Circuit mode.
  4. Key button start time: In the new FW version, buttons needs to be pushed for 3 seconds to start the unit up. This is to avoid unintentional starts of the computer.
  5. CPOD with galvanic Oxygen sensor: - When a CPOD with a galvanic Oxygen sensor is attached to a M28, it Is now possible to calibrate the Oxygen sensor to the selected oxygen gas fraction.
  6. Hyperoxic linearity test: - When a M28 computer is connected to a SE7EN and the rebreather fail a hyperoxic linearity test, the set-point will flash until “Dive Stop”, to remind the diver that the Oxygen sensors can’t read values above 1.0, reliably.
  7. Dive log: The dive logs will now display PO2 values from CPOD sensor.
  8. Picture size: We have increased the allowed picture file-size from 500 Kbyte to 3 Megabyte, when uploading pictures to the M28.
  9. Map view: The M28 will now display GPS/GLONASS satellite number and signal strength value in bar graphs.

Poseidon M28 Screen Protection

The screen protection for the M28 is now available on the web shop. 2 pieces of protective film + cloth with article no. 0002-164.

Rebreather packages now available on the webshop

The new rebreather packages can now be ordered in the webshop.

Read more about the SE7EN REC edition and SE7EN TEC edition on our homepage.